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We control 100% of the following Copyrights and Master Tracks:

CHOMPER'S GHOST - Rhythmic, mid tempo with Boris Karloff type vocal

DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT - Half spoken, half sung novelty for female

DROP DEAD NED - Rhythmic, mid tempo with gravely, monster sounding male vocal

GHOUL AND GOBLINS' GROOVE - Mid tempo with male vocal

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Up tempo, alternative rock with contemporary male vocal

HAVE YOU HUGGED A GHOST TODAY - Mid tempo, good for party sequence

HILLBILLY IN A HAUNTED HOUSE - Up tempo Country track with banjo & steel & male vocal

IT'S HALLOWEEN - Mid tempo, good for party sequence

MANIAC ZACK - Up tempo, good for party sequence

MIDNIGHT, MIDNIGHT - Mid tempo, contemporary Pop/Rock with male vocal

MR. MONSTER'S MOVIE MARATHON - Multiple tempos, novelty with sultry female vocal

NIGHTMARE MOUNTAIN - Up tempo Pop/Rock with raspy female vocal

ROUTE 666 - Moody, haunting Pop/Rock with female vocal

SWIMMING IN A PUMPKIN - Up tempo, Pop/Rock with male vocal

THE GRAVEYARD OF ROCK & ROLL - Up tempo, good for party sequence

THE SECRET OF GREAT SPIDER SOUP - Novelty, cartoonesque spoken word for female actress

THE TOMB OF DOOM - Mid tempo, good for party sequence

THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT - Pop/rock mid-tempo with a reggae feel

VINNY AND THE VAMPIRES- Up tempo, good for party sequence

YOU CAN'T GET TOO CHUMMY WITH A MUMMY - Mid tempo, good for party sequence

We purposely maintain a small, but very select catalog of the best holiday material available. Call for periodic updates. This list last updated 10/1/01

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