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Justin Wilde
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HAPPY HANUKKAH, MY FRIEND   -  Written specifically for the Pop market, this ballad, with its message of peace, friendship and brotherhood between Christians and Jews, is destined to become the most successful Hanukkah song ever written.  It's been featured twice on NBC-TV Specials.  It is annually programmed on over 1,600 Pop radio stations every December.  It was the biggest selling Hanukkah choral piece ever published.

LIGHT THE CANDLES OF FREEDOM   -  A haunting Hanukkah waltz

THAT'S WHAT GRANDMA SAYS   -  "The funniest Hanukkah song ever written, and possibly one of the most clever holiday tunes ever to hit the airwaves.

JERUSALEM (Jewel Of The Holy Land)   -  A prayer for peace in The Middle East

CALYPSO HANUKKAH   (A Medley with THE DREYDL SONG) - Fun, Reggae Hanukkah

THERE’S A MIRACLE   -  Very contemporary, mid tempo.   Excellent for Pop, Pop/Rock or Smooth/Jazz

FLICKER LITTLE CANDLE (Shine)   Anthem like ballad

EIGHT CANDLES IN MY WINDOW*  -  Positive, mid-tempo Pop tune.

A MENORAH AND A CHRISTMAS TREE*  -  Positive, mid-tempo Pop tune. 

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